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In 1989 I ran across The Urantia Book at Brown Library in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I was intrigued by its content, complexity and uniqueness (and the fact that there is reportedly not one typographical or grammatical error in the entire 2097 pages of text). So, I went to the Otto Book Store in downtown Williamsport and ordered a copy from the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. It was expensive but my curiosity had peaked.

I've read most of The Urantia Book and I occasionally pick it up and begin reading more of it. But its diabolical, scheming, deliberately over-complicated  narrative style doesn't trick me into believing that The Urantia Book's content is anything worth knowing. Clever lies are still lies. I'll eventually finish The Urantia Book but how much of a bad thing do you have to endure to have an opinion about it?

Trying to stomach its clever, manipulative propaganda is not an easy job for anyone who's a free thinker. A free thinker is someone who enjoys learning but who is not interested in being misled by others just because they possess a higher intelligence. I'm convinced that The Urantia Book is the work of evil beings who have no right whatsoever to influence or to control our human culture or evolution on planet Earth. Earth is our planet. It belongs to us, not to run and rule as an autonomous world but as an evolving planet that will one day join the rest of the galaxy and then the entire universe as an enlightened world that has earned its place among the stars.


When bad things happen to good people and when bad people are rewarded for being bad on this planet it's the direct result of social experiments run by the mad scientists who wrote the Urantia papers that comprise The Urantia Book. Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele did the same thing on a European scale and a united world condemned them for their crimes against humanity. So, what's the difference, here, except that these so-called "gods" operate on a much grander, more iniquitous scale?

Long before I ever lived in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and long before I ever had the opportunity to read The Urantia Book, I was convinced that very old and powerful celestial entities (aliens, extraterrestrials, spiritual or advanced beings, angels, gods or whatever you want to call them) have been trying to convince us Earthlings that someone else created us (usually them) and that they have a right to control us. And that we should be worshiping a God they just happen to represent, a supreme being who created us "in his image". Then they did the despicable, the inconceivable and the unforgivable. They set themselves up as Gods.

Wow, that can mean just about anything but it seems that The Urantia Book authors are telling us that we are "copies" of a divine "pattern". Same thing, in my opinion. It may seem like enlightenment to some of you but it's a galling experience for me when ancient beings try to convince us that some of them were never created, that they've always been here, as existential beings, never having been tainted with or burdened by a "beginning". What arrogant, evil, dastardly nonsense. We were all created by the living universe, one that has always been here, an ever-changing, ever-evolving universe, a universe that is "run" by no one and controlled by laws that no one made. The so-called "laws" that govern the universe are the natural, inherent formulas that govern the way things work throughout the vast cosmos.

Those of us they can't convince to worship the Universal Father, whose virtues they extol, they manipulate into inventing our own God in order to make them (the old, powerful, manipulative and opportunistic aliens) more powerful by focusing our thoughts on the unknown and, most likely, nonexistent God we can't seem to live without. Even as a boy I knew all this religious stuff was nothing but nonsense. Just like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy. Except religious people played a deadly game that wasn't any fun at all. Even when I was in elementary school I knew people went to church and prayed and bowed and scraped because of evil, perverted, insensate beings telling clever, deliberate, diabolical, unforgivable lies.

The so-called "gods" need spacecraft in which to travel, just like us, in order to fulfill their selfish ambitions, just like us. No living being, whether corporeal or invisible or electrical or whatever, can exist in the inhospitable arena or empty space, whether it's "pervaded space" or the pure emptiness of "non-pervaded space". They need spherical worlds for their existence just like us. My point here is this: It is stupid and careless for intelligent beings like us, who know better, to build temples of worship to serve other creatures who use space ships in order to conquer and vanquish others.

By the same logic, worshiping a Universal Father, who is nothing more than the entirety of the very eternal, living cosmos which gave us life because that is its purpose, is just as foolhardy and counter-evolutionary as worshiping the "lesser gods", who are creatures just as we are. Once you can accept the fact that there is no one or nothing to worship and everything to respect, your old selfish self dies and you become a new being destined for eternal life. And you will have done this without being tortured or put to death for embracing the truth. Without the truth, nothing is real and nothing good is possible. Does our own long, scheming, lying, bloody, religious history teach us nothing about the folly of unfettered ambition and the foolishness of serving tyrants just to feather our own caps? Well, it certainly should.

Anyone who reads my science fiction can probably figure out that I believe that the "building blocks" that make up the universe have always been here. Nothing in existence was ever created because matter can neither be created nor destroyed (a scientific fact), so it must have always been here. And, even if matter can be created, who's to say that it was created in the manner the Urantia Book suggests? Yes, the world would be a dull, boring place if science ruled everything but let's not chuck what science we do know out the window for spiritual or religious conjecture. That's just plain  stupid and counter-evolutionary as well.

I believe that our emergence as human beings in the scheme of living things in this vast universe is the result of natural forces constantly working with and against each other. It is as much my right to believe that as it is yours to believe the "teachings" of The Urantia Book, The Bible, (the Old Testament, the New Testament or both) The Koran, The Talmud, or anything else. That is your birthright. I also believe that no one created us. That is a lie perpetrated by evil beings who want to take the credit for making us and who want to control our evolution for their own whimsical amusement or aggrandizement. You may believe otherwise and that's what belief is all about. Being free to indulge your mind with any and all possibilities.

I also believe that worship is an evil act (evil meaning an error that is deliberately not corrected) and that worship denies the ultimate equality of all beings. The real, celestial authors of The Urantia Book even dare to admit that they "orchestrate disappointment" and that "there are no accidents" in our lives but they never tell us why. I'll tell you why. They orchestrate disappointment and calamity in the lives of the innocent, the good and the virtuous in order to perpetuate the hell that they've made out of our beloved Earth, a planet ruled by spoiled, tyrannical, malicious and worthless beings and creatures who make up the real Illuminati.

This is the flip side of the counterfeit coin that all Earth religions are made of. Heads means be good, worship "God" and expect special favors in return. Tails means do as you damn well please (no matter how much it hurts others), align your beliefs with "The Lucifer Rebellion" and face the eventual extinction of your soul by The Ancients of Days, the supposedly oldest beings in the entire universe. That's like allowing ourselves to be put to death by the most senior senator or congressman in the U.S. Congress if we transgress federal laws.

Come on, people, wake up and smell what these invisible "aliens" are shoveling. This is another fairytale that enables elders to control us, which makes it a deliberate lie. And the biggest lie of all is the fallacy that there are only two sides to anything. In this case, they're telling us that you either suck up to "Big Daddy" who will punish you if you're bad or you let yourself go bad and have a lot of fun like "the devil" did and fight like hell to keep your soul.

But there's a third option. As if no one ever considered the possibility that there might be one. The third option recognizes that the first two options are extremes. The third option means be yourself but try to become a better person each and every day. The third option means being respectful and kind to others without expecting a reward for doing so. The third option means worshiping no one and no thing but having respect, and even reverence, for all living things, including the living planet we all share. The third option means living your life without believing for one moment that you are the best thing in it. There's even more to choosing the third option. The third option means, above all, being good and treating others right because you want to, not because you're afraid of being punished if you don't. Doing something because you have to and not because you want to, carries very little weight toward your own personal evolution.

Learn what power is and understand what seeking power is all about. The quest for power over other people is, always was, and always will be an act of iniquity. Wanting power over others is evil and using it like the Urantia Book authors (to manipulate an entire world for their own amusement, retribution, social experimentation or whatever the lame reason) makes them evil and our enemy. Stop being cat-fascinated by these hideous extraterrestrial beings just because they are powerful and persuasive. You'll only make them more powerful by serving them and by thinking you're serving a god who doesn't exist anyway. You're alive. That should be enough. Make the best of it. Stop sucking up to powerful beings for special favors in this life or the next one. That only makes you an enemy of Earth.

My only advice to people is this: Get up off your knees and stop worshiping whatever or whoever it is you've been worshiping. Any being or creature or thing that wants or needs to be worshiped is evil. Stop being scared little rabbits, sacrificial lambs and homeless sheep and walk this earth like men and women with minds of your own. Conduct your daily lives as worthy people who possess the courage, peace of mind and the dignity to live your lives with respect for one another instead of cowering with punitive, subjective reverence before someone or some thing that is evil and false or which does not even exist at all. Always question authority and dare to challenge authority when you think it's not in everyone's best interest. Above all, think for yourselves. In other words, read smarter, not harder. So, happy reading, no matter who or what you choose to read.

Written by Michael Casher...August 22, 2010...

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