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Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, is a noisy, hostile, dangerous, redneck hellhole with an arrested culture smack-dab in the middle of Appalachia. It's a living hell that's not only an embarrassment to the white race, it's a low life shit-hole and an abomination unto the evolving universe. The only thing Snow Shoe people are good for is making noise and f*****g with other people, just for fun. Love dogs, hate people, that's their motto. Snow Shoe people are absolutely fucking QUEER for dogs. The louder and more territorial and hosile their dogs are the more these fucking FREAKS love them. At your expense. Do you want to see sick, demented souls who enjoy the perverse pleasure of delighting in other people's suffering and misery? Especially if they caused it? Come to Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania. You'll wish you hadn't. The meaner the dog and the more it barks and threatens people, the more Snow Shoe people love them. The bigger and louder the car or truck or motorcycle, the more Snow Shoe people love them. Like a bunch of bad-ass kids who never want to grow up. It is, without exception, the most hate-filled place I've ever been in. Period. Snow Shoe people are absolutely delirious with malice toward other people. Here are the meanest, nastiest sonzabitches you'll ever find anywhere. If they can't f**k with you, they think life is giving them a f*****g. What twisted, brainless shit. It was that way when I was a kid and it hasn't changed in that respect.

Now, of course there are some decent people in Snow Shoe, even some wonderful people. I know this because I've met some of you and I've known some of you for years, some of you all my life. But there just aren't enough of you. There never were. You're good people and definitely a dying breed and that's the saddest thing in the world today. So, what I have to say here is not intended for you and it never will be. But you are welcome to read it. That is your privilege. This page is simply optional information anyway and nothing more. But, by Christ, I've f*****g HAD it with this mountaintop shithole. And if you don't like it, Fuck Off. If anybody in this town thinks they can fuck with me, Jesus Christ All Goddamn F*****g Mighty, they'll wish they hadn't. Get the goddamn picture?

Snow Shoe's hatred toward everything outside of Snow Shoe is legendary and a source of pride for many who live here. Their biggest targets for hatred are other white people, which makes their hatred almost demonic in nature. I'd bet a sawbuck that Snow Show is the only place in the entire universe that doesn't evolve. Evolution would somehow, unimaginably, be an affront to their idea of personal liberty. What a crock-o'-shit. I've lived here most of my life (35 years altogether) and I'm entitled to my goddamn opinion about this sorry-ass town. So, if you don't like this page, take a hike. What the hell are you doing here anyway, except snooping? I'm in Snow Shoe because I'm stuck here and can't get out. What's your excuse?

Snow Shoe is also a real hellhole to have to live in if you're a nice person and the only reason I moved back here was because my mother wanted to after my father died. She got what she wanted and I paid the price. But she's not even happy now. How happy can an 81-year-old woman be who's living out the rest of her life sitting in a wheelchair and staring out the window at a town totally out of control? Semis hitting their thunderous Jake Brakes, kids on roaring ATVs, chainsaws, back hoes, those ridiculous burping, crackling noisy-ass Harley-Davidson motorcycles, big-ass pickup trucks with no goddamn mufflers on them � driven or ridden by people who only care about themselves � and dogs everywhere. Snow Shoe = Dog Town, PA. Come on, people. It's 2013, Time to grow up. Time to evolve. There's more to life than getting what you want when you want it and the hell with everyone else. You low-life dog queers are the lowest form of white people on Earth. The worst part of this is that you fucking know it and you don't care. Not giving a shit about other people makes you unworthy to be part of the human race. If I ruled this universe, every person who places dogs and machines above people would be dead and you'd be dead forever.

When I was in elementary school I remember the day a bully followed me home and then held me in a bear hug in a big mud puddle for a half hour so I missed lunch. I had to go back to school with wet feet and an empty stomach just so this sick f**k could get his jollies. My mom and dad were at work. Where were the neighbors? Why didn't they help me? They were too busy getting their jollies, too. One day he put me in a head lock and tried to crack my skull open. I had headaches for days after that. That same, sick redneck f**k threw a Molotov cocktail at me one day after he told me to "Take off." I ran hard and it's a good thing I did because the fireball behind me almost set me on fire. It burned a big chunk of the street while I ran and he laughed. One day he shot at me with a powerful pellet gun and it missed me by inches and hit a piece of metal in our back yard. That's right, he shot at me in my own back yard from his back yard. You see what I mean?

Snow Shoe is a disgrace to the human race and it hasn't changed at all. One summer day when I was eleven or so a hateful, totally out-of-control neighbor boy � older and bigger than me � chased me into the house and beat me up right in my own home. No one did anything. Ever. Older boys from "down the mountain" who were allowed to visit us would grab my arms and twist them behind me and up in the air until the ligaments (or something) snapped. They were practicing on me for their high school years of brutalizing younger, smaller, weaker boys. For fun. These evil young teenage boys thought that was what I was for. For them to hurt so they could hear me squeal and scream. You sick freaks. I have to look at this piece of human garbage at the filling station and I'd like to tear his head off and shove it up his ass. But I don't. I'm an old man and so is he. But I'd bet my life that he's still a hateful redneck piece-a-shit.

Back in 1998 I wrote a 180-page book about my six-year experience at Bald Eagle Area High School, the ultimate prison for good boys to be brutalized by bigger bullies for their amusement and perverse pleasure and also by the teachers who got jobs at BEA just so they could beat teenage boys with big-ass wooden paddles, even while naked, mostly for their sick pleasure. I'll never publish that book but I hope somebody does after I die.

Nobody did anything. I was a good boy and an altar boy for ten years (age 7 to 17). I didn't swear, lie or steal and that's why they hated me. My skinny ten-year-old arms were playthings for older boys to twist and try to break. Is it any wonder they don't work right today? You sick bastards, don't any of you Nazi freaks ever DARE to ask me to autograph one of my books. Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, is OFF LIMITS for book signing. Now and forever. As far as I'm concerned you don't even exist. You have it coming and don't think for one goddamn minute that you don't.

When I was a boy I couldn't ride my bicycle anywhere without some mutt nipping at my heels everywhere I went. I was scared to death to get on my bike but I did. And nobody did anything about it. Snow Show was such a backward, retarded shit-hole in the 50s and 60s, people thought their dogs had a right to roam free and the hell with kids. If you tried to cross a street when I was a kid and a car came by the driver would blow his horn at you and tramp on the gas. Big-ass businessmen in this town hated kids. We were in their way. What did they love and still do? Money, trucks, dogs, beer, noise and the unwritten hick code that anything goes or it's not freedom. What shit.

The summer when I was a eighteen I was chased all around town by four high school classmates and this fat, redneck farm boy f****r who tried to get me with a tire iron, a pipe wrench and a four-foot length of heavy chain. They wanted to kill me because they hated one of my friends so bad that they hated me for being his friend. Talk about backwoods Georgia or jerkwater Alabama. Snow Shoe is the only place in my life where I was kidnaped. That's right, folks. One day a bully who was too young to drive pulled up along side me on the street and asked me a question. Then he reached out and put my head in arm arm lock, lifted me almost off my feet and drove off. Half-way through town he pulled me into the vehicle by my head before my sneakers wore through and then kept me as an unwilling passenger while he roared through town as fast as he could. Then he took me back home. Just to show me that he could do anything he wanted to with me and nobody would be the wiser. If they did find out, nobody would do anything. We were both twelve years old and he had stolen the vehicle from his own father. Just to f**k with me. Or to kill me.

Local redneck boys blew up our mailbox when my dad was mayor because they hated him for trying to restore law and order to this hateful, vile "community". Community, my ass. This is the only place in my entire life where I saw cats hanging by their dead necks in the woods from wire nooses so sick, hateful, perverted redneck boys could watch them slowly die and drool. In the early part of the 20th Century a bunch of boys hanged another boy just outside of town and cut off his privates and then stuffed manure in his mouth and watched him die. They did this to him because he was different. That's right, folks, he was mentally-challenged (called "retarded" back then). And that made him a target for sick, hateful, criminal, marauding Snow Shoe youths. He was different so they hanged him to death. This story was told to me by three or four adult relatives who warned me to never wander into the woods by myself. The first time I ever wandered into to the woods it wasn't by myself and the first thing I saw was a dead cat hanging from a wire that had been wrapped around its neck and then strung from the limb of a tree. You never forget a thing like that. Sick, sick, hate crime committed by people with twisted minds and dark souls. Are any of you afraid of hell? Then come to Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania and see it for yourself.

People in Snow Shoe have no respect for anybody, especially not for their neighbors. Here, you get bullied and chased by your neighbors' dogs right in your own back yard. These hateful, hostile rednecks' favorite pastimes are making a lot of noise with their unmufflered, internal combustion engines, killing deer, shooting stray cats and watching your face when their dogs challenge you, chase you and shit in your own goddamn yard. Their goddamn loose dogs confront you on the sidewalks, streets and alleys, public thoroughfares which these backward hostiles consider to be their own personal roads. They block the streets and roads to chat with each other from behind the wheel, not giving a shit that your car is behind them, waiting to proceed. Hostile, Neanderthal bullshit.

One day, not too long ago, I had my mother out for lunch and we couldn't cross an intersection uptown because some fat, hostile redneck had parked his car in the middle of the street and abandoned it to lay on the grass and talk to another guy in his front yard. They both watched us and never offered to move the car. They simply enjoyed themselves, being anti-social with impunity, watching us wait and then have to make a turn we didn't want to make because we couldn't proceed through the intersection, an old man and his octogenarian mother out for a drive. I made the turn because I didn't want to expose my mother to any unpleasantness. Living out the rest of her life in a wheelchair is unpleasant enough. This is a sick town, people. This fat prick knew he could get away with that shit because this was Snow Shoe, the redneck, the-hell-with-everybody armpit of Pennsylvania. If my mother hadn't been with me that fat son-of-a-bitch would have moved his car for me, one way or another. No question about it. This is what I mean. Snow Shoe is a nasty, redneck town full of people just dying to mess with you. What a shit-hole.

Another day, not long ago, I saw a woman I know walking her little mutt around our driveway and she kept stopping to stare at our house and look in our windows from the driveway, totally clueless to the fact that not only was she trespassing she was invading our privacy and she might have walked around our big oval driveway and our pond so her mutt could shit in our yard instead of hers. So, she either had no clue or knew damn well what she was doing and didn't give a shit. Now this is someone's mother and grandmother. That's right, that's what I've been telling you. She stopped and read all my notices warning off ATVs from our yard and muttered words to herself and shook her ignorant head, like I'm the bad guy and she's perfectly normal. Hey, it's the other way around! Get a life!

The only reason I didn't open the door and tell her and her mutt to take a hike was 1) I was so shocked I couldn't believe my freakin' eyes! and 2) she's someone's mother and possibly someone's grandmother. But, still, that's no excuse. These people will enter your yard from any spot, trample your grass, and do as they please. They have no sense of social responsibility and no clue about the privacy or "personal space" of others. Only their privacy and property. If this woman saw me walking a dog down her driveway and stopping to snoop on her house and yard and peer in her windows (something I'd never think about doing in a million years) she'd have a goddamn fit or scream bloody murder and call the cops. Or sic her goddamn dog on me.

That's what I'm telling you. Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, is the consummate Appalachian shit-hole. In this town, people live for themselves and only for themselves. It's all about them and the hell with anyone else. What Snow Shoe people don't understand is that this isn't normal behavior by any stretch of the imagination. They only think it is. And they think "Happy Valley" is a freak's paradise. Snow Shoe needs a wake up call for the 21st Century but I'm not the one to do it. It's 2012 now. Your own Karma is just around the corner. So don't blame me when cosmic nature dishes out your just desserts. I'm just the goddamn messenger. That's right, you got it. Time to join the human race. And, you bet, I'm sick and tired of eating your Neanderthal crap.

Their noisy mutts chase you when you walk down the street, get your mail, use the borough's recycle bins and when you dare to ride your bicycle on the public thoroughfares past their houses. They bark and yap all day long and howl at the moon all night long. They put their doghouses as far away from their houses as they can and as close to you as they can, just to f**k with you. These goddamn people even dump their goddamn trash in your yard. So, no goddamn wonder their kids use your lawn for a trash can on their way home from school. And my mother and I are both too old and too broken down physically to move anywhere else and too poor to move away. All we do is pay medical bills, anyway, and keep the doctors supplied with golf clubs, martinis and high-priced cars.

Snow Shoe parents get a real kick out of spoiling their mean, hateful, antisocial bad-ass brats and encouraging their antisocial and hostile behavior. Their kids can call you a "goddamn bastard" while you're working in your own yard and get away with it because this is a town where the dads can get drunk and threaten to "punch your lights out" and "rip the doors off your house" and shout obscenities at you at the top of their drunken lungs. And nothing happens to them. Nowhere else in all of Centre County can people get away with such anti-social and even criminal behavior. Do you people think for one goddamn minute that I'm afraid of you? Think again. Your cosmic fate awaits you like it awaits all mortal beings who live their lives only for themselves without any regard for others. For people like you, the afterlife is non-existent. Thank heavens for that.  

One day I wrecked on my moped in my driveway and, because of my Degenerative Disc Disease, painful arthritis and a partially-paralyzed left leg, I could hardly crawl out from under the mere 156 lb. contraption. You should have heard the whooping and hollering and cheering as they watched me struggle. You wouldn't even see and hear this kind of hateful nonsense regarding another human being in goddamn Baghdad, for Chrissake. That's right. You got the concept. I'm talking about people who LOVE to fuck with other people and they don't care how old or disabled they are. The older and the nicer they are the more Snow Shoe assholes love to fuck with their neighbors. You goddamn fucking freaks. When you pay the price in the next live, I WANT TO WATCH. Go ahead. You can laugh at me all you want behind my back like a bunch of sniveling cowards, but the next time anyone in this redneck shit-hole threatens me with bodily harm or my home with physical damage, that phony, pathetic God you spoiled pawn people pray to every Sunday, for things and for protection so you can keep being who you are instead of evolving, will not be able to save you. There are still jail cells awaiting people who threaten and harass other people. You think I don't have allies out there? Wait and see. It won't be long now.

Like father, like son. What a crock-o'-shit. For Snow Shoe people, being asked to behave in public is like being asked to give up their personal liberty. They're totally clueless. And if they have a clue, they don't give a shit. They have no sense of social responsibility whatsoever. Their hostile kids ride their ATVs right through your front lawn and even smash through your fences. When they roar past your house with their unmuffled ATVs, they gun the engine. My elderly mother is often wakened from a much-needed nap or almost jumps out of her wheelchair and this isn't part of any normal life by any stretch of the imagination.

These Snow Shoe kids know what they're doing. F*****g with people. F*****g with you. F*****g with us. What Snow Shoe males love to do with other people, more than any other life activity. What Snow Shoe guys do best. What a crock of phony macho shit. Well, one day The Pennsylvania State Police who patrol this area won't be the stupid, cowardly, greased-palmed troopers they are today and they'll make you pay for your criminal behavior. For now, I guess you'll keep drinking beer with them and kissing their criminal asses as long as they look the other way.

My mother � an 81-year-old woman in a wheelchair and the former manager of The Snow Shoe Senior Center � almost has a heart attack whenever these creepy Neanderthal punks roar past us as if Snow Shoe's streets were their own personal, goddamn racetracks. Goddamn little creeps. Almost every single day this same boy roars past our house, standing up on his ATV like some goddamn circus freak and then guns that piece of unmufflered shit until my elderly mother can hardly stand it. He roars through town on that piece of redneck shit like some demented little freak from a sick Hollywood movie. You can probably hear his ATV for miles. What an insane asylum this goddamn town is! The parents of these spoiled little creeps must LOVE THIS HOSTILE BEHAVIOR! But I don't get it and never will. Where's the big goddamn thrill in messing with other people all the time? What sick need can that possibly fulfill? This little creep will probably live forever. Too bad your parents are without the necessary parenting skills that most American moms and dads have. Otherwise they might have told you to tone it down, at least for the old lady who lives here. But not you people.

In Snow Shoe, beer-guzzling mothers and fathers buy their out-of-control kids five-thousand-dollar ATVs and send them off to annoy other people. These freakish imps giggle and scream like banshees when they roar past your house, watching you choke on their dust. I put up saw horses to keep them off my front lawn and they tried to knock them down with their ATVs!!! UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE! There ought to be a law against this kind of antisocial behavior. I'd never, ever treat any of you people like this. When Snow Shoe people � men, women and children � are f*****g with people, they're apparently enjoying the gusto. They think that's what being an American is all about. What hideous, un-American nonsense.

There's got to be more to life than listening to yapping, howling neighborhood mutts, all day long and all goddamn night long, like a bunch of psychotic, lunatic creatures invented by demons from Hell. Imagine what it's like to be at your computer or word-processor trying to write fiction with a demented canine bitch "roo-rooing" and yapping and squealing like a banshee for hours on end. I'm not kidding. Every goddamn freakin' day. Just like clockwork. This canine bitch has the loudest mouth of any dog or any animal, period, that I've ever heard in my entire life. I have to wear target shooting earphones when I work upstairs on my computer because this bitch's dinosaur noises go right through our walls. I'd bet a bundle that they can hear this f*****g monster bitch down in Clarence, two miles away. Christ Almighty, I'm not afraid of going to hell when I die. I'm already here. You got it, a sick, twisted canine bitch-ass demon that watches your house 24/7 and yaps and squeals and howls every time you raise or lower a window blind or appear at your kitchen sink. Every time you enter any room it can see through a window. It's like being in prison. You ought to hear the mouth on this goddamn canine. Jesus Christ, you could hear this dog down in Clarence, where they know how to control their mutts and how to treat their neighbors and fellow townsfolk.

When we moved her thirteen years ago these hostile, menacing bastards went at us right off the bat. Dumping garbage, grease and frying pan leftovers in our yard (what, you think we didn't see you?).Thirteen fucking years of your demonic, out-of-control white-trash hatred, your fucking menacing, dangerous dogs keeping us awake and torturing us all day long, every fucking goddamn day for thirteen fucking years, Your goddamn nasty, snide remarks, your low-life, white-trash, immoral, unfounded hatred of me and my mother. Telling me "Fuck you." when I waved at you as I drove by. Luckily for you my mother wasn't in the car. Letting your dog shit in my hard, letting it CHASE ME in my OWN FUCKIN YARD. Hopping on your ATV and making dusty donuts on the hellhole dirt street while my disabled mother tries to nap. You fucking low-life white-trash freaks. You think that sick, malicious, hideous behavior was FREE? Just wait and see. And I won't have to lift a goddamn finger. Karma will do it for me. For no other reason except than to fuck with good people because you know you can do it here in Snow Shoe, America's biggest white-trash shithole. I hope some of the few good people who are left in this town find the wherewithal to instill in you scum-sucking low-life white trash hillbillies the importance of being a good citizen and teach you a fucking lesson about social responsibility and human decency, Hopefully, a lesson you'll never forget. You backward, hateful, redneck hicks sure have it coming. Now, you fucking goddamn hillbilly bastards, STOP FUCKING WITH US!

Hour after hour after goddamn hour, every goddamn day in this Appalachian shit-hole. YAP YAP YAP SCREAM HOWL BARK ROO-ROO YAP. It's UNREAL. It's enough to drive anybody out of their goddamn mind. I reiterate: this doesn't even remotely resemble real life in America. And yet it's everyday life in Snow Shoe, the Appalachian armpit of America. And what's with these mammoth pickup trucks with engines that sound like Harley Davidsons, burping and barely idling, and when they floor them in the middle of the night it sounds like a goddamn nitro-fueled drag strip out there.

They chase each other all around town for hours every Friday and Saturday night like a bunch of macho queers showing off their shit for other guys. I really doubt if the girls go for that shit. Jesus, how fucking queer. Look the word "queer" up in the dictionary. It means "strange" or "unusual", you illiterate freaks. That's right, what a senseless, queer "right of passage" for young males. You get away with your stupid backwoods, anti-social, hostile crap now because this planet is run by ancient tyrants who are just as mean and nasty as you. You don't have to act like real people so you don't. Well, what goes around, comes around. You might get away with your reckless disregard for others in this life but, in the afterlife, you'll have to make up for the way you treated others in this life. As for me, who is the hell would want to live forever knowing that a place like Snow Shoe exists anywhere in the universe?

When you park your car at a store or a gas station in the Snow Shoe area you have to watch where you're walking because these people take their dogs to the store in the back of their pickup trucks and these dogs, usually German shepherds, go off like Cujo when they see you. Walking on eggshells around snarling, salivating dogs at store parking lots in Snow Shoe is a common occurrence and it should never happen anywhere. A German shepherd is nothing but a goddamn coyote turned inside out anyway. A German shepherd is one of the worst bottom-feeding, people-hating dogs around (right after the Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher and fucking Pit Bull). That's why the police use these mutts. To deprive people of their civil liberties and their inalienable human rights. People come first on this planet, not animals. That should be a guaranteed human right, an entitlement that is guaranteed at birth, for everyone. I wonder if these store owners think about what a deterrent to business a pickup truck with an unleashed, hostile, dangerous dog in the bed is. People in this town take their dogs everywhere with them. If they're not trying to lunge at you from the back of a pickup truck as you enter a store they're bouncing off the windows in an SUV or a car, nearly killing themselves because you walked by and they can't chomp on you. What a sick-ass load of dog shit.

These hostile, reckless people sit on your beautiful split-rail fences and break them. Their unsupervised kids even get sticks and break the limbs on the trees in your own goddamn yard! And their parents never, ever apologize for their hostile, mean-ass criminal behavior. Not ever. That would be an infringement on their goddamn twisted sense of what personal freedom is about. Their parents must be real proud of them. Before I moved here, I hardly ever used foul language. Now it's simply a matter of survival. So, I use it here to let you know that I don't give a shit anymore.

You can't get people from Snow Shoe to respect you as a human being. They parrot back and forth that stupid old adage that "respect is something you have to earn". That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Respect for accomplishments is something you have to earn but being respected as a human being is an entitlement all human beings are owed by others. Read it again until it gels. Just about anyone, anywhere else knows that. But not people from Snow Shoe. What the hell's the matter with you?

And Snow Shoe men � all my goddamn life, I swear � have this twisted, perverted "man code" which is basically that I can screw with you but if you complain then you're screwing with me. That's why you can't talk to them. They're hostile, hateful, dangerous and unapproachable. You have to make these crazy people fear you because they will not respect you as a human being. These people screw with strangers just for their amusement. Fine. You people are on notice. Stay the hell away from me. It's as simple as that.

Now, I might be a broken-down old man but anybody who thinks they can mess with me just for fun will be taking the goddamn bull by the horns and, especially if you mess with my mother. Just stay the hell away from both of us! And, most of all, don't even think about messing with me. I might be an old man but no one is going to screw with me, especially not in public and especially not in my own goddamn yard or in my own goddamn home. I'll defend my human rights and my rights as an American citizen to not be misused by others. There are still laws, whether or not you think they apply to you. So, if you don't like me, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME. Try it. You'll find out just how easy it is.

That's right. You got it. That's the concept. When you see me in a store, stay the hell away from me. I've got nothing to say to any of you. And if you don't like it, that's too goddamn bad. You people started it. You hated my mother so you pushed her out of the Senior Center. For seven long years she took care of you spoiled, hateful, back-stabbing people and brought in more income for the Snow Shoe Senior Center than ever before. On top of that, she never STOLE anything, either, from the Center or the County � not one penny, not one item. That would have never crossed her mind. You people didn't trust her or like her because she was HONEST. Her honesty made those of you who helped yourselves to whatever you could lift look like thieves, which is exactly what some of you were. And you complained about paying a dollar for a meal when you should have paid the full three dollars for it and shown some gratitude for those who provided them for you. But not you people. You never appreciated my mother's honesty or the County's generous programs because that's something you people don't understand. And, as for the County, you ingrates still use the daily and weekly itinerary she painstakingly planned out because you knew it was a good, well-proportioned, well-provisioned plan. Prepared with a caring mind. But you could never tell her that because you couldn't be nice, not for one goddamn moment. And you pathetic county government people knew she was the best thing that ever happened to the Snow Shoe Senior Center and you worked her to death and never made her feel good about herself. And this is ME speaking, not her. And don't you ever forget it.

I was so glad when she didn't have to kiss your arrogant asses anymore. And, you bet, I volunteered my own time for those same seven years, running and fetching like a go-for because I liked helping people, especially older people. But I wouldn't do it all over again. Not by a long shot. So, you got my mother out of your hair and then you witches have the goddamn nerve to ask me how she's doing? Jesus Christ, you people are UN-believable.  All you people know who you are. YOU NASTY, HATEFUL, BACK-STABBING FREAKS! The hateful, hostile, redneck component in this town is the biggest part of it. Snow Shoe has always been a low-life hellhole and it looks like it's always going to be one. That's on you, not me. And this is why this page is an optional page within an optional page on my official website and not out in the open on one of my blogs. So, if you're here, it's because you dug for it. Snoops. I'll bet none of you has ever read one of my books as I wrote my first one ten years ago. Jesus H. Christ, I'd rather be dead and know nothing than wake up every fucking day for the rest of my life just to listen to some goddamn fucking white-trash mutt bark and howl and scream all goddamn fucking day long for nothing but it's owners low-life perverted amusement. Fuck them, And Fuck you. What the fuck are you local ass-births doing at my mt website anyway? Huh? My website is for everybody in the whole goddamn world, except you fuckers. And you fuckers started it by treating me like shit. So, you Snow Shoe scum are not welcome here. So, fuck off.

Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, is the consummate white-trash shithole. Maybe ten people in this whole goddamn town of deserve an afterlife. The rest of you ought to be transferred right now to a prison planet where you are harassed and terrorized by other people's dogs every time you leave the house, every time you take out the garbage, trim your hedge or mow your fucking lawn. You should be awakened every night by loud motorcycles and rumbling,  burping pickup truck with pinhead assholes behind the wheel. Then when you've had enough you ought to have your worthless souls extinguished so they never pollute the after life with their incorrigible essences. But your sick, selfish, twisted, nasty, hateful hostility ought to end in the dirt of Earth where you all belong. The only thing Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania, is good for is being nuked or being hit by as asteroid. Hopefully, one of those events will happen soon, maybe both. My punishment for being a responsible citizen, a caring son and a good author who writes socially-redeeming and morally-uplifting novels is to live the rest of my life in a hostile world that hates me just because I'm alive. Want to see hell before you die? Come to Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania. If you're a "good guy" you'll scream bloody murder within two minutes. If you're a hateful, hostile piece of shit, you'll find yourself in Paradise. Now, if you want this interview to continue, stop talking about Snow Shoe. I'm not a goddamn horror fan. Jesus H. Christ, before I die I'd like to live around some white people who do more than eat, drink, drive, fight and f**k with people. If I ever get another chance to leave Snow Shoe before I die, I won't come back here to take a f*****g shit.

Michael Casher

Michael Casher is a science fiction author, artist and humorist from a small Appalachian town in the eastern United States. The author maintains a YouTube channel called "Science Fiction for Thinkers" and ten blogs at Blogger. He also writes literary fiction under the pen name Jonco Bugos. Michael Casher's official website is "Science Fiction for" where you'll find links to his books, blogs, photo albums, videos and much more.

Kindle editions by Michael Casher are published by Science Fiction for Kindle eBooks can be read on the Kindle wireless reading device and the FREE Kindle app for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac and Windows Phone. If Michael Casher were to write a non-fiction message for people, it would be for every human being on planet Earth and it would read as follows: "Wake Up, Wise Up, and Grow Up."

Michael Casher

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