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Evermore: the Evermore Trilogy begins

Time and Time Again: the Evermore Trilogy continues

Providence: the Evermore Trilogy concludes

Science Fiction for Thinkers Kindle Editions

The Dreamer Never Sleeps

Deeds of Destiny

Little Green Man from Mars

Blind Fool Running by Jonco Bugos

The Four Bloggers of the Apocalypse

The Truth Is a Lone Assassin by Jonco Bugos

Real life without its mask...

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Michael Casher

Michael Casher is a science fiction author, artist and humorist from a small Appalachian town in the eastern United States. The author maintains a YouTube channel called "Science Fiction for Thinkers" and ten blogs at Blogger. He also writes literary fiction under the pen name Jonco Bugos. Michael Casher's official website is "Science Fiction for" where you'll find links to his books, blogs, photo albums, videos and much more.

Kindle editions by Michael Casher are published by Science Fiction for Kindle eBooks can be read on the Kindle wireless reading device and the FREE Kindle app for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac and Windows Phone. If Michael Casher were to write a non-fiction message for people, it would be for every human being on planet Earth and it would read as follows: "Wake Up, Wise Up, and Grow Up."

Michael Casher

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