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Blogging News Update August 5, 2013...

Michael Casher posted his good-bye and farewell on August 5, 2013. He will no longer be blogging. His ten blogs will be live and maintained as historical online documents testifying to his life, books, humor and art.

May 2013: Michael Casher's 8th Anniversary as a Blogger

In June 2012 Michael Casher finally retired from full-time blogging on a regular basis. After blogging for seven years (as of June 2012) and writing enough words on his ten blogs at to make two or three more books, he only received a handful of comments from two or three readers (one, single solitary compliment among them) and no followers. That's right. Zip. Besides that, his eyesight is not what it used to be, even with glasses on. Typing tiny words on a bright white background no longer works for him. Sometimes it take him weeks or even months to spot a typo and get it corrected. "Screw that", he told us.

So, after seven years and one month of hammering out humor, social commentary, anecdotes, life mentoring advice and historical perspectives, he finally went into semi-retired mode. Michael Casher's blogs were closed for public comments on July 31, 2012. If people didn't make any comments on any of his blogs posts in seven years, well, it's too late for that now. Seven years and only six comments on more than a thousand posts (as of July 31, 2012) made Michael feel like a dead horse that could no longer be beaten. Too bad. It could have been a lot of fun.

Since May 2005...

Read at your own risk.

Four of Michael Casher's blogs had their text posts made into a book called "The Four Bloggers of the Apocalypse" which Michael Casher published in both trade paperback and Kindle Edition in early 2012. This book was updated in October 2012 with 98 additional pages. These blogs are now inactive but "live" historical, online documents. "Blogging when I needed to blog was a hell of a lot better than running naked through the back yard and screaming, Why me? Why me? But that's no longer the case".

Our thanks and best regards to those of you who did read and enjoy the blogs by Michael Casher. Good-bye and farewell.

25 Words or Less


Life in a nutshell. Ghost written by Mike the Obscure.

A Portrait of the Author as an Old Man

Science fiction author Michael Casher isn't getting any younger.

Fred Fortune


Social misfit, homeless con man, interplanetary thief and intergalactic felon. Fred Fortune is the Earthling you never want to become.

Jonco Bugos


The other face in your mirror. The one that speaks to you when you aren't speaking to or looking at yourself. This blog was originally hosted at LiveJournal.

Little Green Man from Mars


The real "Little Green Man from Mars" is alive and well and living in Appalachia.

Random Retro Reviews of the 20th Century


Science fiction author Michael Casher reviews randomly selected events from the last century. Coauthored by Baby Boomer Boy.

Thinck Tank

Science fiction author Michael Casher dusts the cobwebs off previously unused sections of his brain.

Think-A-Holic Lounge

This is the barstool journal of Jonco Bugos, the alter ego and literary pen name of science fiction author Michael Casher. Jonco Bugos is a mere reflection who thinks he's the Real McCoy.

Think-A-Holic Lounge, the hideout of many interesting outcasts in the publishing underworld, occupies no space in the physical universe.

Thinker's Corner

Originally hosted at, Thinker's Corner is the first blog ever written by Michael Casher. Thinker's Corner is often about writing and publishing but more often than not it's about anything and everything.

Ticked off Ted...

Ticked Off Ted is a fictitious character named Ted O'Hooey. This opinionated old bastard was created by Michael Casher in June 2011 and was nicknamed Ticked Off Ted right off the bat. Ted once had a website at but the Illuminati put the kibosh on that. Ticked Off Ted does nothing but piss and moan all day long about all kinds of shit.

This new character gave Michael Casher the opportunity to write a 10th blog at Blogger, one where he could test the waters to see if fearless truth seeking and unflagging honesty were not considered mere intolerance by the love me, love my disease "we are the world" Web of the 21st Century. Instead of the bold new quest for truth that this unique blog really is. Only time will tell. Ticked Off Ted is social commentary, opinion and humor with no holds barred. Well, almost. Enter at your own risk.

Real life without its mask...

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.

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Michael Casher

Michael Casher is a science fiction author, artist and humorist from a small Appalachian town in the eastern United States. The author maintains a YouTube channel called "Science Fiction for Thinkers" and ten blogs at Blogger. He also writes literary fiction under the pen name Jonco Bugos. Michael Casher's official website is "Science Fiction for" where you'll find links to his books, blogs, photo albums, videos and much more.

Kindle editions by Michael Casher are published by Science Fiction for Kindle eBooks can be read on the Kindle wireless reading device and the FREE Kindle app for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac and Windows Phone. If Michael Casher were to write a non-fiction message for people, it would be for every human being on planet Earth and it would read as follows: "Wake Up, Wise Up, and Grow Up."

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